Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Products that make cleaning Fun and Easy!!!!!

* Door knobs, light switches, toilet handles and seats.
* love to use in the kitchen
* I love this product: Now I purchase the larger containers :) They are very convenient.

* love the smell of both products. The orange glo gives a great shine but the pledge cleans and shines.

* Windex is such a great product. Now that they come in a variety of fragrances makes it even better.

* Fantastik is a product I can always depend on working well. It's great for the kitchen but I'm having a hard time finding this specific line. In the past, I've purchased it at the Home Depot.

* The green works is pretty good. I love that it's an all natural product.

* Soft scrub is amazing: I love to spray the inside of my toilet before I scrub it and

it does most of the work for me :) It's also great for the tub.

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